Mississippi Pontotoc Dale Ross Ministries

Dale Ross Ministries

218 Dalton Lane
Pontotoc, MS - 38863
(457) 075-9934


About Dale Ross Ministries

This is a Christian ministry whose purpose is to demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ or God's love through holistic ministry to the poor and needy.
They seek to accomplish this through programs which develop individuals, families and communities;
Empowering them to reach their full potential in Christ and God.
They seek to develop church based health or home or institutional ministry as the foundation for Christian community development.
The ever increasing amount of homeless individuals and families makes this one of the most in-demand ministries in their area, with potential to duplicate their services in other cities, communities, states and overseas.


Anonymous - Oct 21, 2019

Please help me with food .i get a ssi check ,and was broken in on and lost my whole check .i cant seem to get back in swing of things

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