Praise Unlimited Homeless Services

Los Angeles, CA - 90067

Praise Unlimited Homeless Services

2029 Century Park East
Los Angeles, CA - 90067
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Phone: (213) 447-1210
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Praise Unlimited Homeless Services offers emergency food, clothing bank, book club, literacy program, personal hygiene products in Los Angeles, CA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was everything free at this pantry?
Have you ever used this service? How was it?
Were there large lines at this location?
Do you know if they deliver?
Do you know if there is an income limit to get free food at this location?
Are documents required to get food?
How often can I come to this pantry?
Do I need to make an appointment?


2019-10-29 10:56:06

How can I get free food I don't have a job I have 2 child

2019-10-22 19:17:04

I truly don't have any food and very hungry

2019-10-18 18:17:47

Very hungry don't know what to do need a place that will offer me some food please

2020-10-03 21:41:03

Do you offer hot meal service?

2019-12-27 13:08:46

How can I get help I don't have a job and I have 2 childs

2020-03-23 00:31:47

Necesito un lugar para vivir Y nesecito alimentó

2020-04-14 03:14:13

Very hungry i need sum food no job am 19

2020-07-21 23:17:22

If you can sent me some info on how to get some food

2020-12-22 05:53:57

My resources have finally run out due to Covid and I am looking for resources on how to get food in my area. I can’t afford to put gas in my car currently so I don’t have transportation other than the bus.

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