Native American Nutri Aid, Inc.

Glendale, CO - 80246

Native American Nutri Aid, Inc.

P.O. Box 460833
Glendale, CO - 80246
Contact Info
Phone: (303) 756-2952


Native American Nutri Aid, Inc. is a foundation dedicated to improving nutritional health and resources among the Native American populations of the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations (South Dakota).

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2020-11-22 17:32:22

Hello I’m new to Colorado just moved to this area I’m not working right now I have 2 kids and I’m trying to get food into my apartment that I just got if you can help me with anything it would be greatly appreciated.

2019-09-27 15:24:58

would like to find a place to receive food. I am Choctaw and I live in Aurora.

2020-07-12 20:30:45

Hello ! I need your help since I have not been working since the month of May and I have not been given unemployment benefits without explaining the reason. I live with my daughter for 8 years and we don’t have anything to live with. If you can get products from you, we will be very grateful.

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