New Hampshire Loudon Loudon Food Pantry

Loudon Food Pantry

30 Chichester Rd., Unit D
Loudon, NH - 03307


About Loudon Food Pantry

In 2008 the owners of the food pantry decided to retire and announced that the food pantry would be closed. After the announcement was made I saw an elderly woman that comes to food pantry crying in her car. When I spoke with her, she said that she didn't know what she was going to do for food once the food pantry closes.

My daughter and I had a bookkeeping company in the same building as the previous food pantry. It was then, my daughter and I decided that we would open Loudon Food Pantry in the same location as the old food pantry. We've been here ever since.

In our future, we are hoping to start a community center. It would include the food pantry, community meals, garden, computers for job searching, etc. A place where old and young can meet and enjoy each others company. But before that, a larger building located in Loudon NH would be a beginning. Dreams have to start somewhere, right?

Currently we are open four days per week and feed 80 to 100 households. Household sizes vary between 1 - 12 people.
We service Belmont, Canterbury, Chichester, Epsom and Loudon.
Pantry Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10 AM - 5 PM, Wednesday 10 AM - 6 PM.
All food is given out by appointment only. Call 603.-724-9731 for an appointment.


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