Mississippi Gautier Grans, Inc.

Grans, Inc.

P.O. Box 657
Gautier, MS - 39553


About Grans, Inc.

Purpose of GRANS INC. is to help grandparents raising grandchildren and other relatives raising family.
They are a support and referral service.
A non profit organization that is here to help the relatives raising relatives find the resource available to them.
Their mission is to promote grandparent raising grandchildren to reach above and beyond to be the best that they can be.
Fund solicited from GRANS INC. will be used to implement the following programs: Mentoring programs for after school.
Support groups for adults and children. Food and clothing bank.
Assistance in applying for aid to dependent children.
Help with school supplies and household needs.
Local resources that are already in place.
All donations will go to underprivileged, disadvantaged, and disabled children and families.


Anonymous - Jan 13, 2020

I am in desperate need of food for 3 adult and 2 children and would like to know the information I my name is Denise Sexton and I'm in need of food and need to know the information I need to bring to your food pantry and when ? Please and thank you

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