ECN - Mendon

Mendon, MI - 49072

ECN - Mendon

320 W. Main St. (United Methodist Church)
Mendon, MI - 49072
Contact Info
Phone: (269) 467-1240

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2019-10-24 08:19:51

Hi I'm in need of help with food my ole man is working I'm homemaker and i have kids and were struggling really bad to make ends meet and were trying to stay a float it hard for me to reach out for help cuz i always been a person that pushes to her fullest to make sure the family has what they need and my ole mans job slowed way down I'll go without to make sure everyone else is good to make it that includes me not eating sometimes and he works so much to try to make sure were all good and hes wearing himself out I don't know how to do this or what to do so I just went for it I will be grateful for ur gracefulness or at least point me in the direction that could do anything to help my family out plz and tya

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